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‘From Tea-bags to Treadmills’ is a product testing review service from 'So Let's Go Running'. Below, are sampled and reviewed products.

Trespass Zippit Women’s Base Layer Top

Trespass Zippit Women’s Base Layer Top - PinkTrespass Zippit Women’s Base Layer Top - Black

Being a relatively new runner and having never worn a ‘base layer’ before, I was certainly entering the reviewing arena with an open mind and a certain degree of excitement.

The ‘Sangria’ colour lived up to what I would expect from the name; a ‘punchy cocktail’, and one of colour, style and comfort.

I would have to say that the ‘Zippit’ is an essentially feminine product – it was perfect and ticked all the boxes; it was a good fit (including the length), it was extremely comfortable, the colour complimented the colour of the piping on the Giovanna Sports Bra and the flat lock stitching was unobtrusive.

Now to wear it outside for a run... The ‘Zippit’ is not just an undergarment; it is too stylish to cover up, and was worn on a mild December evening as a top layer over my sports bra, so basically it was still next to the skin to demonstrate the traditional wicking properties of a base layer.

The Zippit will prove to be a very practical and essential part of my running kit over the winter months, and I can see it doubling up as top layer and mid layer as well as a base layer.

For me, I think the collar and half-zip are the icing on this particular cake; the collar keeping the neck both warm and dry in our typically cold and wet winter weather, while the half-zip can be manipulated to regulate body heat as the warm-up and run pace increases before the typical cool-down.

Another positive point for me would be how quickly it dried after washing it, and how it retained its shape.

If there was just minor modification that could be made, it would be the introduction of a thumb slot in the rather plentiful cuff.

I would say this is an across the board five-star product as far as price, value and quality is concerned. At a suggested price of £15.99, this is a bargain.

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Trespass Basegirl Women’s Base Layer Top

Trespass Basegirl Women’s Base Layer Top - PinkTrespass Basegirl Women’s Base Layer Top - Black

The Basegirl Women’s Base Layer top came at the perfect time; just as our weather reached below zero degrees here in New Jersey.

Running in the cold is always a challenge; too many layers is bulky and uncomfortable, too few and it's extremely difficult to run like a normal human. Other shirts I've tried soak up sweat, but stay wet throughout my run, which makes the cold feel even colder!

The Basegirl Women’s Base Layer top solves a lot of problems; it's an ideal fit, long on the torso as well as the arms, meaning it doesn't rise up as you run. The arms don't roll up either. It's tight too, which means there's no fabric to move around as you do. Put it on under your normal running shirt and it stays put.

It's very warm without being bulky or feeling too thick. It comes slightly higher up on the neck than I would normally like, but this is nothing a small zip wouldn't solve. However, I'm grateful for the height around the neck as I don't like running with a scarf or anything more than a normal t-shirt and a light jacket. This shirt really does keep everywhere warm. It doesn't get damp with sweat ether; it seems to soak up sweat and keep me warm all at the same time.

The seams inside the shirt didn't irritate me at all, there were no pesky labels rubbing or itching me, even the logo wasn't a problem. I've thrown out plenty of shirts with a logo that becomes a problem after running just a couple of miles. I wore it with the sleeves pulled down over my gloves with no problems. I will get a lot of use from the Basegirl Women’s Base Layer during my runs in the snow. My favourite thing is that it can go underneath any item of clothing; it's like an extra layer of skin rather than an item of clothing.

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Trespass Giovanna Sports Bra

Trespass Giovanna Sports Bra - PinkTrespass Giovanna Sports Bra - BlueTrespass Giovanna Sports Bra - Black

Having several sports bras across two or three different styles by both known and unknown manufacturers, I was slightly hesitant about reviewing an item that I was randomly asked to trial.

But my reservations were certainly short-lived, as upon opening the exquisite pack containing the Trespass Giovanna Sports Bra, I was greeted with a stylish item of smart, contrasting, complimentary colours, and just as I was about to get prepared for my evening run. So the choice of what to wear suddenly became no choice...

This fashionable, compression-style, crop-top bra was easy to pull on to form a snug fit and it securely held my assets in place. This felt just right for a comfortable moderate-effort run, where control was required and any bounce needed to be minimised.

Dressing up warm to combat the cold on a mid-December evening was going to be a test for the Giovanna’s Duoskin technology, but I needn’t have worried; the dual layer of fabrics is designed to ‘wick’ sweat away and absorb moisture and to be quick-drying to give a comfortable session.

It was reassuring that the size guide was accurate for the Giovanna, as I felt the fit was ideal, as was the coverage.

The straps were perfect; just the correct width and positioning for my frame, making them seat securely and remain unobtrusive during the period of usage; it could have been designed with me in mind.

I would say I was lucky to get a perfect fit from the Giovanna without having to worry about a tiring shopping spree, trying on product after product until I got the right balance of colour, price, size and style.

To summarise, if you wish to be active, the Giovanna is an ideal Sports Bra for running and it is soft and supportive. There is a complete absence of padding, clasps or hooks and it’s virtually seamless.. It comes with a realistic price and is good quality, so good value for money

The Giovanna is absorbent, sweat-wicking and quick-drying, making it easy to take off after the run.

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Trespass Baseboy Men’s Base Layer Top

Trespass Baseboy Men’s Base Layer Top

I have been running actively for over year now and have done two half marathons and so many 10k’s that I have lost count. However, last year I struggled with the winter months as it was always just too cold and I dislike running in so many layers that I feel restricted and was not looking forward to this winter.

So when I got sent the Baseboy Men’s Base Layer top to try out I was chuffed to see how well it fitted, and that it had great length to it and it also could not have come at a more perfect time for me as it had just started snowing and was freezing out!

To give the Baseboy Men’s Base Layer a good test, I was excited to give it a go in the freezing temperature as I thought it would be a perfect chance to put it through its paces and see if it can help me get through the next few months. So I added it to my regulation running gear, set my watch to a 5k and took it out for a spin, after just my initial warm-up outside I could already tell I was going to like this and I was shocked how warm it kept me, whilst not restricting me like typical heavy jackets or thick tops usually do, which fired me up to have a great run.

The Baseboy Men’s Base Layer top’s material is very light on the skin and was also very breathable, which kept me from feeling too sweaty or overheating too much once further into the run. I can’t say enough good things about the Baseboy Men’s Base Layer top and I am very pleased I get to use it in the harshest of conditions, plus it has even inspired me to look for a half marathon during this very cold season.

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Trespass Lev Men’s Merino Base Layer Top

Trespass Lev Men’s Merino Base Layer Top

A ‘Base Layer’? This certainly was not my first impression; this was the ideal ‘top layer’ to wear out and about town as it is so stylishly casual in its appearance.

But being manufactured to regulate body temperature in cold weather, this had to be tested outside as well, so its second ‘chosen’ outing was an impromptu 10k race on a cold, misty December morning (I had only gone along to take the race photos, but got persuaded to sign up and compete).

Absolutely no problem standing around pre-race as the Lev Men’s Merino Base Layer was a snug fit under my chosen top garment, with the collar and half-zip combination controlling the trapped heat from the warm-up, while those around me stood shivering.

The Lev Men’s Merino Base Layer Top is a very lightweight item; it is sheer quality in all aspects, and feels very comfortable and natural as a ‘base’ layer. It is 100% Merino wool in construction, so is amazingly soft, and feels snug and natural against the flesh. I’m not sure how the Merino sheep feel about handing their fleece over; I wouldn’t be too keen surrendering mine!

Any moisture that had built up was seductively wicked away, leaving me feeling as fresh as I possibly could on a foggy winter morning, plus there was no loss of built-up heat due to the superior insulation properties.

This top was performing, and was performing impressively well, and certainly never hindered my spontaneous performance; in fact it added comfort that I have previously lacked.

To summarise, the Lev Men’s Merino Base Layer Top is a high-performance, long-sleeved, half-zip collared thermal base-layer, manufactured for ultimate warmth and comfort. Its natural breathable and moisture-wicking properties make it perfect for winter running. 

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Riker Men’s Seamless Boxer Shorts

Riker Mens Seamless Boxer Shorts

Excited was an understatement as I got the opportunity to review the Riker Men’s Seamless Boxer Shorts; the chance to wear a thermal undergarment to keep warm what is best kept cool...

On removing them from the carton it was very apparent as to how lightweight they were, but what a stylish looking garment. On looks alone they were more exciting than three of the leading brands that I have been fortunate enough to run in.

When pulling, no, gliding these on, I was impressed as to how stretchy they were, and how flimsy they appeared to be. So would they stay and in place and hold everything in place too?

Once on, these were like a second skin; there was almost a feeling of ‘nakedness’. They were certainly very unobtrusive with their seamless construction, to the point you could be excused for thinking that you might not actually be wearing anything, apart from the subtle added warmth to the areas they covered.

But the Riker Men’s Seamless Boxer Shorts are a breathable product; their job is to absorb and evaporate any excess moisture that is produced. This is a first for me; climate-controlled underwear, and with anti-bacterial properties. But will they be fun on the run?

Absolutely no worries about their performance either during or after a moderate-pace December evening 5k as the temperature started to drop; The Riker Men’s Seamless Boxer Shorts remained in position, adding comfort and warmth, and not the usual build-up of heat and sweatiness. There was no rolling up on the thighs unlike other pairs that I could mention, and no rolling down from the waist either, or any form of rubbing or chafing due to the flat-lock stitching and seamless construction.

In short(s), the Riker Men’s Seamless Boxer Shorts do exactly what it says on the ‘tin’; they give added comfort, warmth and freshness while I’m being active, and the lightweight stretchability certainly didn’t hinder movement or performance as they stayed put until they were rolled off.

And being honest? I would have quite liked to have put another pair on under my jeans after the run. The Riker Men’s Seamless Boxer Shorts are certainly a garment for all occasions, but they certainly do excel when doing their job out there under a pair of running shorts.

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